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More About Joey and High-Res Moments

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


​About Joey

There's something truly special about a photo that captures a moment and frames in a way that others can enjoy. That's what High-Res Moments is all about. Capturing those moments that you, me and people will appreciate for many years. We live in an age where a photo will live on far longer than our mortal lives and we want to be the ones that capture your best moments.

Digital media is my life. I work as a Graphic and Website designer in Weatherford Texas along with doing photography so all of my world revolves around the digital world and digital arts. Really, i'm a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the digital realm! I take great pride in serving others and providing services that help them grow their business and personal lives. As a photographer, it's no different. I genuinely enjoy people and making others smile. What could make that even better? Taking really AWESOME pictures of that smile!

Joey Lopez - Local Photographer in Weatherford Texas

So why choose High-Res Moments?

1. I'm a great people person.

"Why would this matter" you might ask.? Well remember back in school when the creepy photographer would come do your school pictures? With his abnormally slender body, bony hands a evil grin as he tells you to smile. Remember that guy? Yes! Nobody liked him! How could you ever take a great picture with an atmosphere like that. IT'S NERVE RACKING! That alone should be a determining factor and you'll find that working with me is fun, exciting and ALWAYS great. If your still not convinced on this alone, keep thinking about that school photographer because he's probably still thinking of you!


3. A professional cant be a "pro" without the knowledge, skills and equipment to back him/her up with. I've got all of it. I shoot with a PRO Sony Mirror-less A7Rii in RAW and deliver my pictures at 42 Megapixles which truly puts the word "HIGH-RES" into "High-Res Moments". Your breath taking pictures will be perfect to frame, print as posters or even enlarge to banner sizes. Choose a PRO that has the means and equipment to get your job done.

2. I'm professional.

Ok, ok, that first paragraph was funny but really, professionalism is my main goal. You can be assured that when hiring me, you are working with one of the best in the game. Count on me to deliver your moments and you will not be displeased. At the end of the day, i'm working to please you and your agenda or goals.

Let us take care of your next photo needs and experience captured moments like no other.